Wholesale VoIP

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First you apply for an account by going to the signup page and following the instructions or by contacting us directly via email at info@call-labs.com

After your application has been approved, you will receive your login details by email to access and manage your account.


Call-labs offers two different rate plans

  • Silver :Silver plan gives you lowest cost and standard quality calls | Call with Prefix 00 (0044XXXXX)
  • Gold : Gold Plan gives you Business Quality calls at a slightly higher price | Call with Prefix 000 (00044XXXXX)

What are the differences ?

  • We do offer lower qualities for a lower price.
  • This means all of our 2 Rate plans don’t share the same high ASR & ACD.
  • Depending on your Rate Plan, prices will decrease.
  • Rates are reviewed monthly to ensure you have the most up to date and lowest cost rates available.
  • Per second billing with no connection fees

You can Download the last rates sheet, by clicking the following link.


Download the latest rates